Priests, Sister Polygon Records, 2019

Janel and Anthony, (forthcoming)

Marissa Nadler, For My Crimes, Bella Union, Sacred Bones, 2018

Beauty Pill, 2017



The Messthetics, The Messthetics, Dischord Records, 2017

American God, Janel Leppin, Wedderburn Records 2017

Nothing Feels Natural, Priests, Sister Polygon Records, 2017

Songs for Voice and Mellotron, Janel Leppin, Wedderburn Records 2016

Mellow Diamond, Janel Leppin, Wedderburn Records 2016

Remembering Mountains a Tribute to Karen Dalton, Thompkins Square Records Compilation, So Long and Far Away with Marissa Nadler, 2015

Rose Windows, Sun Dogs, Sub Pop 2013

Janel and Anthony, Where is Home, Cuneiform Records, 2012

Janel and Anthony Fifth Anniversary Vinyl Re-release, Cricket Cemetary, 2012

Eyvind Kang Grass, Tzadik Records, 2012

(Gringsing Janel Leppin, Timbe Harris and Eyvind Kang)

Oren Ambarchi, Audience of One, Touch Records, 2012

Eyvind Kang, Visible Breathe, Editions Mego Ideologic Organ, 2011

(Thick Tarragon with Janel Leppin and Susan Alcorn)

Great Civilizations Dangerbird Records, 2011

District of Noise Compilation Volume 5

(Janel's offering: Suite of Silence: Smear, Control, Censor - dedicated to Julian Assange, 2012)

Wanted Man, Merrifield Records, 2011

Aaron Thompson, Vessel, self released, 2011

Bluebrain, Soft Power, Self-Released, 2010

Anthony Pirog Sextet, Sonic Mass Records, 2010

The Danville's, Merrifield Records, 2010

Ignorant American, Sonic Mass Records, 2010

"Flyover Iceland" Ignorant American, Merrifield Records Compilation, 2009

Joe, Janel and Anthony, Owls and Bulldozers, self-released, 2009

Aaron Thompson, Sockets Records, 2009

Janel and Anthony track, District ofNoise Compilation, Zeromoon Records 2009

Janel Anthony and Violet - cello, guitar and electronics Zeromoon, 2008

A Duo with Janel Leppin and Layne Garrett, Together/Apart, Sockets Records, 2008

Janel and Anthony track, District of Noise Compilation, Zeromoon Records, 2008

Dawn Dineen, The Ghostly Apple Tree, Yarner Records, 2007