Mellow Diamond (Cd)


Mellow Diamond (Cd)


Janel’s first solo record on which she plays all instruments including guitar, drums, vocals, cello, pedal steel guitar, mellotron, prophet 6 and all sorts of keyboards it is a lush journey.

Released April 22, 2016 on Wedderburn Records

Produced by Janel Leppin 
All Music and Lyrics Written by Janel Leppin 

Engineered by Mike Reina 
Recorded at The Brink Analog and Digital Studio, Centreville, VA 
Mixed by Mike Reina and Randall Dunn 
Additional Engineering by Randall Dunn 
Additional Recording at AVAST!, Seattle, WA 

Janel Leppin - Vocals, Cello, Koto, Pedal Steel, Arp 2600, Prophet 5 Synthesizer, Korg MS-20, Modular Synthesizer, Optigan, Mellotron, Mini Moog, Grand Piano, Upright Piano, Harpsichord, Bowed and Struck Vibraphone, Electronics, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Radio Frequencies, Footsteps, Record Collage, Struck Pan Lids, Tape Loops 

Cover Photograpy by Shervin Lainez 
Inside Art courtesy of Shizen Design 

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